Get Back An Ex Boyfriend Even When You’ve Made Mistakes

Published: 20th March 2012
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There is a chance to get back an ex boyfriend even if you’ve made some mistakes. Revealed in this article are some down-to-earth strategies to eliminate the chance of making these mistakes and get you moving in the right direction to get back an ex boyfriend.

Here it is – Wait until he contacts you first! Stop trying to do all the contacting!

It’s time to implement the No Contact Rule – this can be extremely effective with some perseverance. It’s important even in an emotional state to keep upa consistent level of no contact.

The benefits you’ll enjoy from doing this are:

* Allowing your ex boyfriend time and space to mend and get over the break up.

* Taking the time and space for yourself to get over the break up.

* When you’re in an extremely emotional state of mind it prevents you from making any added mistakes.

* You’re creating a void giving him time to MISS you.

* You’re sending a message to him that you are moving on in that way making it more likely that he’ll contact you for the status of the relationship and increasing your likelihood to get back an ex boyfriend.

It may be hard to have faith in but these certainly are all benefits. However, there might be a part of you that is nervous about negative effects from No Contact making it more difficult to get back an ex boyfriend.

The common worries for people with No Contact are listed below:

* What if my ex boyfriend forgets about me?

A: You can’t quickly forget about somebody you once loved. He can’t possibly forget about you!

* Is he going to just move on faster?

A: Hopefully he’ll move on from the pain of the break up, this is truly a good thing. If your wanting to get back an ex boyfriend than having him heal from the break up and remembering why he fell in love with you in the first place is the moving on you want. Besides, it tends to be harder for a man to move on after a break up so find comfort that this is a good thing.

* What happens if he finds somebody else?

A: It is certainly a prospect, but doubtful. If it does happen it would certainly be temporary and harmless overall to your relationship. He would be trying to fill a void by taking the most available person as a distraction instrument. He will have devised a rebound relationship that the moment a demand for time, attention, and energy your ex boyfriend will be kicking them right out the door.

* What can I do if he’s already with someone else?

A: It would overall be short-lived and harmless because it is most likely a rebound relationship.

* What if my ex boyfriend is stubborn and doesn’t contact me?

A: It may not initially be a “nice’ contact but he will find some silly reason to contact you. Almost a guarantee… especially if he really loved you.

* If he thinks I am moving on, won’t he simply move on as well?

A: You’ll find that if he believes that you are moving on he is going to contact you. People are naturally inquisitive and want what they can’t have. You want him to contact you, even if it is just to congratulate you for moving on. That’s what you want to get back an ex boyfriend.

Hopefully you are more at ease with implementing the No Contact. It’s really easier than it first appears and works well for getting an ex boyfriend back or just moving on.

The few who can’t put into practice no contact due to your special circumstance, I advise using Limited Contact instead. This would involve avoiding your ex boyfriend when you can, but when you can’t, be nice, civil, brief and short. Do your best to keep the emotions out of your interactions.

If you’d like an in-depth guide on how to get back an ex boyfriend, I’d like to introduce you to The Ex Recovery System. This is a step by step system on how you can win your boyfriend back. You’ll learn:

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