Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Top 10 Tips

Published: 20th March 2012
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Do you see why your ex boyfriend left? Getting your ex boyfriend back will require you to understand why he left in the first place and how you may have pushed him away. Were you too clingy or needy? Not giving enough notice can also push him away. Here Iíve framed the ways to get your ex boyfriend back in 10 tips. Frequently there is not one set way that works for everybody so follow the guide to boost your chances considerably and avoid some universal mistakes.

Tip #1 - Refuse to blame your ex boyfriend.

Refusing to argue, condemn, and make your ex boyfriend jealous in the hopes that he will come back just to keep you from annoying him is not a good tactic. Itís a good idea to rein in your emotions by remaining calm and mature as doable. You wonít be able to attract love sending out negative energy.

Tip #2 - Being desperate kills attraction.

If youíre feeling desperate you will act out desperate. Calling, texting, begging and pleading for him to take you back are all indications of desperation. Handle this by resisting talking to your ex for now. As challenging as this may be, it will gain you strides in the efforts put forth to get your ex boyfriend back. Show him that youíre in control because he has the advantage for now but being strong during this time will be very attractive for him.

Tip #3 - Showering him with love to get him back is a cardinal sin.

Sending too much attention his way ordinarily does no good because he knows you want him back. Over-compensating for what you failed at doing is too late and may even push him further away. You need to know why he left in the first place if you want him back.

Tip #4 - Determine what went wrong in the relationship

Take a look at yourself as the fastest and best way to get your ex boyfriend back. By knowing how you feel about yourself gives insight into what youíre reflecting back into the relationship you have. What were you doing or perhaps not doing to cause the relationship to cave in? Looking at yourself may be painful but it will create leaps toward healing and your relationship.

Tip #5 - Avoid stalking or bugging his friends and family.

It is best to stay away from places where you might run into your ex boyfriend. You may find yourself creating inadvertent run-ins to try and get information out of his friends and family. Tactics like this does not fool anyone and instead will make you look like the fool.

Tip #6 - Unleash your best qualities.

Think back to why your ex boyfriend fell in love with you in the first place. Do some soul searching if you canít seem to answer this. Attracting someone will require you to know what it is about you that attracted him to you in the first place.

Tip #7 - Weigh out all the Pros and Cons of your relationship

Write down all the pros and cons on a list to see everything at once. It may be hard to admit but your relationship ended for a reason. You must now determine if itís even a good idea to get your ex boyfriend back.

Tip #8 - Improve on yourself

Increasing your self-esteem and confidence will make you happier and attractive as a consequence of improving yourself.

Tip #9 - Take your life off hold for him.

Develop new talents and hobbies, dive into your work, and spend more time with friends. Even if you donít feel like doing it get on with your life. Getting over the break up quickly gives you a better chance to get your ex boyfriend back by focusing on other areas of your life and moving on.

Tip #10 - Realize this isnít going to be forever.

The pains from a break up will be hard right now but accept this isnít going to last forever. Have the mindset that time heals all wounds to speed up your recovery. People reunite all the time and it assures that you can get your ex boyfriend back.

It is my sincere wish that you found these tips helpful. If itís difficult to stop thinking about your ex boyfriend and want a step-by-step plan, proven to get your ex boyfriend back, then get the first steps in making this a reality at for complimentary resources. This magic formula will have your ex begging to come back in no time.

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